Health Communications


  • Evidence-based, consumer-directed brochures, web pages, and blog posts at any reading level.
  • Self-sudy training manuals.
  • Specializing in data report organization and writing.


  • Manuscript preparation for journal submission, interfacing with journal editors, and tracking revisions.
  • Thesis and dissertation editing and formatting according to institution-specific guidelines.

Program Design & Evaluation

  • Strategic planning.
  • Evidence-based intervention design.
  • Development of evaluation deisgn with measurable objectives.
  • Logic model development.
  • Focus group input.
  • Research Support

  • Literature review.
  • Poster presentation design, layout, and printing.
  • Slide show (e.g. PowerPoint) preparation.
  • Research library organization and staff training.
  • Guidance in developing a strategic research agenda.
  • Customized analysis of publications history, citations, and impact factor for individuals or organizations.
  • Digital article organization (e.g. EndNote, Mendeley).